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Ten years ago we fell in love with the Web. It was changing the way business worked, and we decided to change with it. Over the years, the web has become social; a growing community. A place to create, collaborate & engage.

Lentix Solutions is a global social media and ecommerce company, with expertise in tech focused web communities. We cover a wide variety of segments in digital technology, wireless, cellphones, web design, software and open source etc.

Lentix network receives over 6 million unique visitorsand over 15 million page views a month. Our network of websites is committed to bring you the best in digital technology. Social Web is our opportunity!

What we do

Lentix Solutions Ventures delivers latest product reviews, news, deals and user ratings. Whether it's software, cellphones, web applications or travel. We offer engaging content to our users.

How We "Rock-It"

Our websites present the right mix of professional expert content and user contributed content in form of active discussions making Lentix a very engaging & passionate community.

Our Audience

Lentix is driven by user contributed reviews & expert discussions. Our network of sites each gives users the ability to add their own experience and opinions through comments and forums.


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Lentix is a social powered new media company. We understand that going Social media has transformed the way users interact with the web content. Lentix's vision is to encourage online engagement within our technical niche communities. Our web properties have evolved immensely with innovative vision & newer social trends.

Promoting Insightful Analysis on Internet & Technology

Lentix network websites provide definitive analysis of new technology products, events, and news. We also do detailed coverage of various events, launches & exhibits.

We let the Users Lead

We believe in empowering users, they can be the best filter of the content. Their ratings & reviews on various products and companies help them contribute into an unbiased propagation. As they connect, like, comment, review & blog more about something; it validates the trust of new exploring users. This connection among users and experience sharing is the wonderful face of the new age media.

Call to Action

In current times, users are driving the content & ecommerce in a fruitful direction. They help in the natural selection of popular and in demand products. We partner with brands & providers as affiliate to enable such consumer social driven rankings & sales.


Lentix Solutions is a fast growing social media & content company, through communities like BodyBuilding4u.com and ShopGob.com etc. Lentix Network informs and engages Internet's largest tech savvy audiences, helps advertisers find innovative ways to engage with their customers and enables publishers to expand their online presence.

Social Media Advantage

On the communities that we run, users discuss & share about the best deal with exceptional discounts; this gives you an added social edge. You end up paying much less of your advertising budget and get amazing ROI. We give you an opportunity to create an international presence through our ever growing network. We are expanding fast in the media industry and we are enabling newer call-to-action innovations that will generate more revenues through sales and sales inquiries. Being on Lentix network promises you a continuous growth in terms of product or service awareness.

Understand the Reach

Lentix Network's websites serves a premium segment of visitors - broadly people in information technology, we have users who are interested in new tech, from electronic gadgets to technology news and events. These are the people with purchasing and decision-making power to buy your products and services. On our network you can get opportunities to influence the technology-savvy experts who drive purchasing decisions today. Our network gives you the additional advantage of being a site which caters mainly to web, development & design professionals world wide.

Enchanting Demographics

Lentix Network serves to new age media consumers, our readers profiles range from CXO's, IT Manager/ Developer to Enthusiasts/Students. Our reach is targeted towards ITES/IT & telecom companies. Our Traffic is primarily from USA, UK & Europe Countries. Lentix network receives over 6 million unique visitors and over 15 million page views a month.

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